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Pink House Band

    Dana Hanson      |      Lou Mars     |      Scott Gerry     |      Brian  Asher

Lou Mars (Double neck Synth Guitar/Bass/Vocals)

Lou MarsProfessional recording artist, multi-instrumentalist, award winning singer/songwriter, and world record holder Lou Mars single “I'm OK, I Think I'm Fine” was featured at the 2015 International Film Festival held in San Luis Obispo, California.  Mars is also noted as the published author of the popular memoir "Beat Alive" available at Barnes & Noble, Amazon and Kindle.

Mars was the featured artist that appeared in the Warner Brothers recording artist Sharon MaRee music video "The Way You Love Me" which received heavy rotation on the GMC channel in 2009 and won a GMAC Music Video Award.

In addition: Mars appeared on the reality show 'Dixon Drum Your Way to Hollywood' televised special which aired on the Comcast on demand AnR Channel in 2008. Lou was a finalist and the grand champion. The program was edited and reissued by Dixon in 2010 with Mars as the featured artist titled “How to be a Great Drummer.” Mars is also listed as one of the top 5 Marathon Drummers in the world, and the current number one marathon drummer in the U.S.A. Lou recently set the team drum marathon record along with the other top four documented marathon drummers in the world; in Portugal on September 2017. (Source World Book).

Mars has performed with the following artists/acts of note: Lou Mars Band (SLO), Sharon Marie (Warner Brothers), Moody Scott (Simply Moody MoTown), Broken Toys (Chico CA), 13 Dead (Denver, CO), PODs (St Louis, MO), Dean Brunie (Los Angeles, CA), Krystal and Image (Tucson, AZ) plus many many more.

Dana Hanson (Rhythm Guitar/Keys/Vocals)

Dana Hanson Guitarist Vocals Pink House Dana picked up the guitar at age 14, studying for a short while under Charlie Robinson and then in Santa Barbara with a bluegrass guitarist. The majority of her style evolved with every musician she had the pleasure of playing with, and over the years her musical influences fluctuated from Rock, folk, jazz, latin classical guitar, funk, blues, world music and soul andeverything in between. That being said, Dana’s guitar style leans toward jazzy folk with a rock undertone.

Hanson was the Alto singer with Doing it Justice Chorus under the direction of Warren Haskell from 2011 to 2020. Lead vocalist in several performances. Joined the band OEM out of Chico Ca. in 2012 and was one of two lead singers, guitar and contributing songwriter until 2015 when she collaborated with one of the other band members and created the band The Paper Hats. Featured guest vocalist with Bird and Wag.  She was also asked by Vera Bridges to sing backup vocals on her debut CD. The Leonard Cohen Review performed by a cast of some of Chicos premiere musicians at Norton Buffalo Hall. Dana had the pleasure of singing duets with several of the performers, including the late Mark McKinnon. The cast recorded a 2 set CD of the show.

Brian "Gravy" Asher (Lead Guitar)

Brian Gravy Asher Lead Guitar Pink House Brian Asher is a musician, songwriter, music video producer, and audio recording engineer from Chico, California. His musical style is a mix of pop, rock, blues, jazz and country. He's been playing guitar since he was 12 years old and has been in several bands over the years.

In 2017 he was awarded Chico's best guitarist award. He's also played with many local bands including Pink House, Gravybrain, The Funnels, Spark & Cinder, Electric Circus, Alli Battaglia & The Musical Brewing Co. and many more.

Scott Gerry (Drums)

Robert Meraz Drumes Pink HouseScott Gerry started playing drums at a young age and has played on and off his entire life. After a 20-year hiatus and relocating to Chico, CA he has since played with many different local bands, including Black Fong, Yurkovic, River Road, Gravy Brain, Smokey the Groove, The Stuff That Leaks Out and others, in a variety of genres: funk, rock, blues, Americana, pop and soul.